The Window from Past to Present
(La Finestra tra Passato e Presente)

Giulia Gambrosier
Art beyond Passion
LRHJ a.s publisher
The Window from Past to Present contains a three-part text, written in poetry, prose, and blog styles. It provides and help the capability of human being to fully understand his or her needs, and to go trough the darkness in between them with the Metaphysical world.
A fascinating travel described in a as complex as very intense language, descriptive and representative of the Author in the period dated from 2013 to 2022.
A path towards Ethics, maintaining the aristotelian circular principle in the original and undistorted action, equilibrium between the mankind and its own actions.
According to the golden rule, that Order cannot be created but it must be respected instead, and that Responsibility is a key-element in both the social register and the life of each single individual.
To guide the reader we will have to follow and use our Attention that through the ladder of intensity turns into Intuition and also Creativity .
Paying the maximum care because Attention can also be used for various totally different sectors like artificial intelligence, biotechnology and robotics.
In addition to it, it comes the acknowledgment that the future of our species is not certain enough and the only possibility is to make it free to return to Our Memory.
To give back to life its real meaning and to unwind the wheel of time as it should be, from the beginning to the end.
Not that easy though, due to all our external conditionings and their own strenght.
For free in e-book format from October the 1st, 2022. Free of charge, any voluntary contribution well appreciated after reading!

From the first of March 2023 you will be able to buy the book in paper format at the publisher's office or sent by priority mail, by prior arrangement, email us in case you are interested at, the cost is 10 EUR + SK/EU postage.
Giulia Gambrosier is a philosopher, an expert in oriental discipline, and a well known reference of the teaching of yoga in Italy during the last decades. She has been giving all her life to share with her students and readers all she had achieved and discovered. Being a student of Gerald Blitz and Igor Istomin Giulia was also the main coordinator of the project that was able to implement yoga in all Italian public school. Our first opera to be published goes to her. An extremely up-to-date text that doesn’t suffer the flow of time.
To read, to absorb, to spread.
This book is particularly aimed for those readers that want to go and discover deep emotions and feelings trough a simple-but-deep narrative style.
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