Maria Strieborna

Artist Profile:
Joy and sadness.

I would like to, but I can't.

Balance and waves.

Silence and melancholy.

These are some of the contrasting yet elegantly harmonious rhythms that the painter Maria Strieborna offers to us.

Maria is an example of coherence in uncertainty, constancy in the passion to transfer oneself into a painting.

Abstracts, landscapes, figures, faces, and bodies highlight a precise common thread — that of always being ourselves, respecting contrasts and fragilities in the daily alternation between negativity and positivity.

She is as much Slovak as she is Italian, expatriated from her home country, first to Germany and then to Italy, to find her own artistic identity here.

Maria has participated in various art exhibitions at notable locations like Palazzo Ferrajoli (Rome), Palazzo Ducale D’Ayala Valva Carosino, and Galleria Fabrizio Serafini. In 2017 she received the "International City of Florence Award" for her contributions to the art scene. She regularly hosts her own art exhibitions in her local town near Rome.
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