Artist Profile:

My name is Elle, and this nickname carries its own story. In essence, "elle" translates to "her" in French, referring to anyone in the crowd. Perhaps I walked past you on the street today, and you didn't even realize it. This is how I perceive art – you can encounter it anywhere: in a store, in the subway, on the street, in a waiting room, or on a train, sometimes even in unexpected places. 

Art, especially visual art, is a broad term. However, people seem a bit hesitant about it, thinking that it "belongs" exclusively to those with skills, resources, finances, a private collection, formal education, and unofficial enlightenment for it :D Yet, humans are inherently creative, even if they've somehow forgotten. "Elle," representing "Anyone from the crowd," is a philosophy suggesting that visual art can be created by anyone drawn to it, willing to step out of their comfort zone and overcome the typical concerns of "what people would say about it." Trust me, maybe nothing. Many are not even interested in art and haven't noticed that it's been a part of their everyday life since early morning. And I appreciate that. 

Whether it's the attractive packaging for cosmetic products or a designer coffee can to kickstart your morning :D, or the subway adorned with incredible 3D graffiti on the way to work (something I couldn't create even if I had four hands :D), or the unexpected art scene on the wall in the waiting room at the dentist's office, where I discovered that the author is the dentist herself :) Are you smiling? I know, there are many of us. All of this was created by people, artists, who invested energy, time, a piece of themselves – often losing sleep over it. 

So, who is Živelle? (Živel = nature element) Well, it's actually Elle, with all the spontaneous chaos around :D I'm an ever-evolving artist, which often leads to unexpected situations :D (more on that another time). I find myself constantly immersed in a sea of trials, errors, experiments, with water spills on the kitchen floor and an unintentionally stained refrigerator, thanks to the freezing balcony that hinders my outdoor painting :D

Three years ago, I had a brilliant idea :D - to revisit my youth after 15 years and delve into the study of graphic design. If you think that I have finally achieved inner artistic peace - you are wrong! :D It only propelled me into further experiments :D Specifically, I aimed to bridge two fascinating worlds – classical art and the digital realm. Nevertheless, the cornerstone of my work remains colors, which I find challenging to part with. So, whatever you encounter in my future work, expect it to be vibrantly colorful. Consistency is undoubtedly a good thing :D, but Živelle is a "living she," a being in constant evolution. Until Lucia Polomská, also known as Elle, decides her true artistic calling, the art world won't have to wait :D To achieve the most beautiful results, I am excited to share my creative experiments with you right here.
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