Artist Profile:
Born in Rome in 1965, Fabiola Frusone signs her works under the pseudonym Febe, named after one of Saturn's moons, a planet resembling Earth in its ability to explore the human soul, traversing depths and heights without neglecting any intermediate landscapes.

Always passionate about art in all its forms, she embarked on a journey in the '90s that gradually led her closer to painting, experimenting with various techniques such as watercolor, oil, charcoal, acrylic, until discovering polimaterica.

Embracing every fragment within our intimate sphere marks a conscious realization, guiding individuals toward an awareness that paves the way to spiritual freedom. Febe's art functions as a vehicle to awaken and nurture the senses, facilitating the perception of the immaterial and invisible.

Through the creative process, the artist liberates their energies, navigating towards a realm where illusion and matter seamlessly intertwine. Painting transforms into a vessel for breathing life into personal experiences and sensations, giving rise to liberated and open images that transcend objective confines. Consequently, this creative process materializes emotions and moods, driven by an intimate quest that evolves into a "spiritual awakening," guiding one from darkness to light.

Febe's work unmistakably reflects influences from ancient spiritual disciplines such as yoga and meditation, aimed at helping individuals discover their center and expanding their own knowledge. Her paintings take on a profound responsibility: awakening human consciousness, unveiling the invisible, and mitigating the conflict between the finite and the infinite.

The artist weaves emotional engagement, aesthetic sensitivity, contemplation, and meditation into a tapestry of collected intimacy, capturing the profound connection of each element. The ultimate goal is to unite the spiritual essence within humanity with the cosmic spirituality of the universe.

Essential shapes, pure lines, and a harmonious balance carve out a sacred space of silence within Febe's creations, offering respite from the cacophony of modern Western culture dominated by rationality and chaos. Through clean lines and balanced colors, the artist constructs spaces where silence embraces the invisible, and solitude becomes a foundational element that directs one toward a deeper renewal.

Febe's canvases, predominantly detached from the tangible and real world, escort us to realms beyond ordinary emotions, inviting contemplation and exploration into the extraordinary.
-Text by Dr.ssa Monica Ferrarini
-2017 June, Eko Materia Solo Exhibition, Contemporary Art Show - National Museum of Gdansk (Poland)

 -2017 March, Riflessioni, Contemporary Art Show - Portuguese Institute of St. Anthony in Rome, patronised by the Ambassador of Portugal to the Holy See 

-2016 July, Slow Art - Contemporary Art Show Scuderie Aldobrandini – Frascati (Rome) - patronised by the Municipality and Culture Department of Frascati 

-2016 February - Forma & Percezione, Contemporary Art Exhibition Stadio di Domiziano Piazza Navona – Rome, patronised by the Municipality of Rome

-2015 August - La Ruota della Memoria Biennale of International Contemporary Art – Calabria – Italy

-2015 May - Contemporary Art Exhibition patronised by the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt (cultural and scientific office), Culture and Tourism Department of Rome and Region of Lazio 

-2014 December - Contemporary Art Exhibition, Ministry of Defence – Rome

-2014 November - Contrazioni del mondo apparente, Contemporary Art Exhibition Collezione Saman Art Gallery – Rome 

-2014 October - Premio d’Arte Leonardo De Magistris, Mostra collettiva Galleria d’Arte COLLEZIONE SAMAN - Rome 

-2014 August - Sogni e Segni - Solo show – Palazzo Amaduri , patronised by the Municipality of Gioiosa Jonica, Reggio Calabria – Italy 

-2014 April - Night & Day - Contemporary Art Exhibition, Collezione Saman Art Gallery – Rome
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