3 May - Written by Ettore Bellucci
Here I am with a couple of nice sentences that longtime ago I recorded from a gifted woman
artist. I do not want to add anything, just breathe and enjoy it!
I was working on the canvas ... that‘s the most difficult part of it ... it is a matter of maintaining
the best chromatic balance, producing points of light capable of capturing the view. All with the
utmost concentration ... just a stroke or a wrong color might destroy the overall result. I have to
clear my mind, forget who I am and let myself be guided by my artistic intuition '
The essentiality of the shapes, the purity of the lines and the overall balance always find their
space of fundamental silence to recover the private dimension of things by contrasting the
modern-western culture, where rationality and chaos have taken over on the whole.'
Ettore Bellucci
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