24 Apr - Written by Barbora Gajdošová
When I first met Ettore a couple of years ago, I never imagined one day I would be able to take part in such an amazing project. It made me fall in love with art all over again.
As a future psychologist myself, I think that arts and my studies are quite close and similar one to the other. Curious people will be able to appreciate them much more than others.
Art is evolving very fast, in many different direction. Nowadays, marketplaces NFT and digital art are commoner words than galleries paintings or canvas. At least on the first pages of international media.
We decided though, to keep our feet on both boots and to offer to our friends and visitors both opportunities, selecting new artists that are finding their space in the ‚big room‘ with their different artistic techniques.
I will take care of our website and the profiles on the social media, and I will be here frequently to share with all of you whats going on.
Barbora Gajdošová
The following technicians have cooperated in developing the LRHJ, a.s. website, and we would like to thank them: Samuel Kovár, Luca Vizzi, Barbora Gajdošová, and
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