It all began with an idea

2 Apr - Written by Ettore Bellucci
Easy things take time, important things take much more time. Useless things unfortunately bring to life definitely too fast. It all began with an idea, from which the empty puzzle came to life. We had the framework, the headline and the vision. We still missed all the little bricks though. Day after day, we shared our visions, we even fought and sometimes words above the line flew in all directions. But the real idea behind it all was and is our mutual respect, our own pleasure to act together, to argue together, to smile together. Respect means the feeling to be a family. With each of usin our own past, present and maybe future. But, when it comes to LRHJ, ‚ART BEYOND THE PASSION‘ is not just the motto, it is all that counts.
Ettore Belluci
The following technicians have cooperated in developing the LRHJ, a.s. website, and we would like to thank them: Samuel Kovár, Luca Vizzi, Barbora Gajdošová, and
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