The WNT Project

Valentina Ceroni is a member of the Universal Life Church and a Spiritual Life Coach. 
To Art Beyond Passion Valentina brought not only her professionalexperience and commitment, but also her love for the arts and a huge appreciation forthe 'Tree of Life' as a powerful means of personal expression. In traditional teachings, the Tree is not only a symbol of life itself but also a metaphorfor immortality or -apparently- a very long life, since the life of all beings alwayscomes to an end.

Our proposed installations are:

The Tree of Life N.1 (dimensions: height 81 cm, depth 30 cm, width 70 cm - weight
21 kg).
The Tree of Life N.2 (dimensions: height 50 cm, depth 24 cm, width 38 cm - weight
7 kg).
The Tree of Life N.3 (dimensions: height 55 cm, depth 27 cm, width 77 cm - weight
17 kg).
The Tree of Life N.4 (dimensions: height 96 cm, depth 31 cm, width 49 cm - weight
21 kg).
The Tree of Life N.5 (dimensions: height 66 cm, depth 39 cm, width 66 cm - weight
12 kg).
The Tree of Life N.6 (dimensions: height 49 cm, depth 15 cm, width 49 cm - weight
5 kg).
The Tree of Life N.7 (dimensions: height 49 cm, depth 21 cm, width 49 cm - weight
12 kg).

The WNT Project - when Art helps to the World

What we propose to you as LRHJ, a. s. is the participation in an Artistic-Environmental Project of transnational value and importance with the purchase of "Numbered Certificates of Participation" and the inclusion on these on a visible plaque at the base of the chosen installation.
These will not be moved from their current location nor sold or given away. They may only be temporarily displayed at special events when requested by Foundations or Institutions recognised for their support of the project.
The cost of the certificates varies according to the will of the participant. The funds,
less only the living costs for the project properly accounted for and made public, will be entirely donated to Valentina and her family's WNT Project for the protection of Dolphins.
Valentina and her family, based on a strong wish of their children, are dedicating themselves to finding possible solutions to counteract the unjustified and indiscriminate killing of cetaceans (dolphins and whales but not only) in the world and in particular in the territorial waters of the Faroe Islands ("The WNT Project").
Just as a reminder, on 15 September 2021, Faroese whalers slaughtered 1428 Atlantic white-tailed dolphins after herding them in shallow waters on Skalabotnur beach in Eysturoy.

Modality of participation

The funds used for the participation in The WNT Project - subject to the identification of the participants in compliance with both privacy and the regulations on financial movements will be transferred directly to a dedicated account of the company under Slovak law WNT Ventures, s.r.o., which, as mentioned above, will undertake the correct and transparent accounting and publication of funds and investments. The Project will be launched on 30/06/2023 and will be active for 24 months.
The following technicians have cooperated in developing the LRHJ, a.s. website, and we would like to thank them: Samuel Kovár, Luca Vizzi, Barbora Gajdošová, and
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