Portfolio Management

Portfolio management can be defined as the selection, prioritisation and control
of an organisation's programmes and projects, in line with its strategic objectives
and capacity to deliver. The goal is to balance the implementation of change
initiatives and the maintenance of business-as-usual, while optimising return on
investment. As a non licenced company we only take care of our own available
capital trying to maximise the interest on it and the performances in a way to match our shareholders‘ vision and goals.

To this day LRHJ, a.s. invests its liquidity by financing acquisitions of properties for
non-residential use, by acquiring modern artworks that are sold both on our site
and in dedicated NFT platforms and by acquiring shares in FINTECH operating in
the development of blockchain applications, Initial Coin Offering projects and their development.

EN Group Sk, s.r.o. is the only worldwide fully licenced owner of a blockchain technology set up to validate data under a green business model vision that 6 years ago anticipated the MICA revolution on crypto.
The company is focused on protecting all kind of data to limit the possibility of counterfeiting, tracking the goods, contracts, services and providing the users with an international network of ‘proof of listening’ devices, whose key elements are the random based,dynamic data validation, and an active and democratic governance.
The ‘one step ahead’ vision carried out by EN Group SK sro made it possible to apply at the International Patent Office and after all preliminary checkings the company is waiting for the conclusion of the bureaucratic procedure and the releasing of the Patent Number. In the meanwhile, a know-how valorisation authorised the identification of the intangible asset in the amount of EUR 11.575.000, -. Our company LRHJ, a.s. is a 5% stakeholder in the paid-up capital of EN Group SK, sro. For more details and information visit www.blockchainsolution.sk; www.enitalysrl.com

CoinWatt a.s. is a regulated corporation under the Slovak legislation that is carrying ahead a I.C.O. (Initial coin offering) project based on its utility tokens under the implementation of the blockchain technology developed by EN Group sk, sro. CoinWatt a.s. tokens have been duly verified by two Top Eu Law Firms in their respective legal opinion and fully matches the Eu legislative framework of the Eu Parliament and Eu Council on crypto published on last June the 30th, 2022 (MICA).
Among the top priorities undertaken by CoinWatt a.s. it’s worth noting the setting up of a unique International Integrated Multimedia Platform (PIMI) that will offer ‘under the same roof’ music, information and daily news, podcasts, tutorials, blogs, forums, formation activities, a certified e-mail postbox under the blockchain technology and a green platform offering NFT (non fungible tokens) as a tool to legimitate the co-participation in renewable-energy production plants around the globe. LRHJ, a.s. Is a 10% shareholder in CoinWatt a.s. For more details and information visit: www.CoinWatt.sk

Capital SK s.r.o. is a new, Slovak headquartered fin-tech project based on the realisation of a kinetic energy accumulator whose main characteristic is based on its ‘ultra low spinning concept’ that makes it possible to consider it as the best cost-benefit innovative machinery to serve all kind of electric grids with stabilised flows of energy and the best possibility to store energy to the benefit of ‘off the grid’ inhabited communities of people. Capital Sk sro is the owner of an International Industrial Patent and is at the moment finalising the setting up of the production lines to be a Top Player on the international markets by end of year 2023. To follow, Capital SK sro should be turned into a corporation and listed on Eu capital markets. More info and details will be displayed soon. LRHJ, a.s. owns a 5% share participation in Capital SK, s.r.o.
The following technicians have cooperated in developing the LRHJ, a.s. website, and we would like to thank them: Samuel Kovár, Luca Vizzi, Barbora Gajdošová, and BigWay.sk
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