1 NFT = 1NFT

19 June - Written by Luciano Rossi
In a bearish market a lot of black swans start repeating to you in a kind of broken rythme: I told you so, you shouldn't have done this, that, bla bla bla.... like it was their own money.
Btw they look like the people who envy you during a bullish market.
Well let's go back to BTC or NFTs as a store of value: if you abstract from the currency pair into which you bought them, what you should remember is if you managed to accumulate more in the end and extending this to NFTs, when you are in survival mode you should always look for one and one only thing: has the floor price sank down or is it stable?
After minting usually floor price is higher, so my question is: if you paid X ETH, is Y≤ or ≥ X where Y is today's floor?
If you made a good decision and instead of a balance sheet you choose a good road map and they deliver, most probably floor will be safe.
If you threw your money in the sink, then.... you know it, right?
So in these hard times, when the streets are covered in blood, it comes down again to fundamentals.
If you DYOR you may have lost in a currency pair like ETHUSD, but intrinsic value stays there.
Did you do your homework or have you just followed a well paid (with your hard earned money) influencer on tiktok?
On the long term your NFT will value like a share of a good or bad company, as simple as that.
Luciano Rossi
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