1 BTC = 1BTC

16 June - Written by Luciano Rossi
We live in turbulent days where we have seen portfolios sink as low as to 0, thanks to fraudulent behavior like TERRA/LUNA and other unfavourable situation on this bearish market.
But what is most important to understand is that we're here for the long term and the aim of everyone of us should be to put aside let's say 10% of our earnings to enlarge our "pension fund". So why 1 BTC = 1 BTC ? Because if I spend 69k to get one in Nov 2021 and today I can buy one for 21k, my DCA is 45k. At the end of the day I have more BTC for my USD/EUR, so one day in 10 years it will matter only how many BTC (or if you're not a fanboy like me replace for example with your favourite stock) out of 21M total supply you have, or most probably out of 17M because a large part of it are lost forever. One day our EUR and USD will have lost their value, again, at time of writing inflation in May is around 16% in my country in CEE, while 1 BTC will always be 1 BTC and with the adoption of the lightning network I will be able to buy fresh eggs for my carbonara just scanning one QR code, without even worrying how much is it in EUR. Not financial advice of course, but surely EUR and USD are all except stable currency, governments can print as much as they want, half of the total dollars have been printed in the last few months.... without being covered by anything else than "promises" to pay back the debt. BTC has a cost of production, at least.
Luciano Rossi
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