Patent coming soon

27 Apr - Written by Jana Hassane
Hi friends! We have just been notified that the International Searching Authority completed
their checking on our participated company EN Group, s. r. o. and confirmed their legitimate
request to protect an industrial Patent of their studies and applications on blockchain technology, aimed at the data registration and validation via QR code for the authenticity od created goods and services provisions (contracts, databases and so on).
This will be the first step ahead of the entering of EN Group s. r. o. among the most reliable players' group into the blockchain technology for the necessary protections of industrial, intellectual, public data, products, contracts, songs, books among others. We will keep you in the loop.
Jana Hassane
The following technicians have cooperated in developing the LRHJ, a.s. website, and we would like to thank them: Samuel Kovár, Luca Vizzi, Barbora Gajdošová, and
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